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  • Wahl Blade Ice Spray

    Keep your blades cool, clean, and comfortable for your clients with Wahl Blade Ice. You can switch from one head to the next easily without worrying about transferring anything or damaging your...

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  • Wahl ChromStyle All In One Blade

    The Wahl Professional All-In-One Blade is designed for slicing, feathering, and texturizing.  Perfect for blending too on weaves or hair pieces.  Fits the Wahl ChromStyle Pro Professional...

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  • Wahl Clipper Blades

    Wahl Clipper Blades in different sizes for all your Professional Wahl clippers. Select from the following blades all for $13.46: (select your blade to see picture of blade) #1005 - Three Hole...

    $13.88 - $39.95
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  • Wahl Clipper Cord

    This Wahl Cord fits the following: Wahl Clipper 5-Star Senior (8545) Wahl Senior (8500) Wahl Clipper Custom Senior (8545-200) Wahl Clipper Sterling Senior (8501)   These cords are Wahl factory...

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  • Wahl Clipper Cord New Style

    Wahl Factory Replacement cord that fits exactly like the original on the following clippers: Wahl Clipper 5-Star Balding (8110)Wahl Clipper Taper 2000 (8472-850) & (8472-700)Wahl Clipper...

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  • Wahl Clipper Guard Set

    Create your desired look with ease with Wahl Cutting Guides. Each cutting guide is designed to glide through hair quickly and efficiently for a smooth, time saving finish that both you and your...

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  • Wahl Clipper Oil

    WAHL OIL is the standard in the clipper cutting industry. Apply the 5 step oiling method to your clippers blades (or three step for your trimmer blades) after each cut to prolong blade life. Spray...

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  • Wahl Clipper Tray

    The Wahl Barber Tray keeps those clippers safe and organized in this rubber lined tray.Four rubber feet prevent movement while on countertops. Washable rubber mat liner is replaceable.   Formed...

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    The NEW 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™ takes everything that barbers and stylists love about the 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip® and Cordless Detailer Li® and elevates in one premium kit...

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