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  • Styptic - Powder Or Liquid

    Styptic stops bleeding from shaving nics and cuts. Apply powder or liquid directly to nics and cuts to slow and stop bleeding. Choose: Powder or Liquid. $2.95 each Buy a dozen and save money - $29.00/dz

    $2.95 - $29.00
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  • Retail Product Bags - Case

    If you sell items or provide complementary samples in your shop, you need a professional retail bag to hold your clients items!  The perfect size for most items - combs, brushes, shampoo, pomades, hair fibers, etc.This die-cut universal retail...

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  • Vincent Powder Dispenser Bottle

    A spray bottle made to dispense out talc powder. The best and sanitary way! Skip buying a powder neck duster or a expensive talc powder with nozzle and use this reusable bottle. Simply fill it with your choice of talc and its good to go. Nozzle can fold...

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  • Terry Headband / Washable Neckstrip

    A great quality 100% soft cotton band with velcro closure.  Thick, substantial but very soft and comfortable.  Great for multiple uses:- Elevate your clients facial experience. Use to hold hair and protect hairline from water/products. Very...

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  • Chair Cloth Clip

    The Classy Cloth Clip hair cloth holder from Marvy won't rust. The large size is easy to use. The clip holds fast and stays put. For use on the traditional cape (that does not have snaps or velcro) or any cape you want to get a more precise fit around...

    $1.50 - $15.00
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  • Clubman Dab-On Styptic/Nick Relief

    Use to stop bleeding from minor nicks and cuts. Apply cold water to area and pat dry, shake nick relief, and dab on affected area. Rinse applicator head with warm water after each use. (.25 fl oz) No stinging or skin irritation Helps to speed...

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  • Spray Bottle Continuous Spray - Mustache Print

    The continuous spray bottle allows you to evenly mist your clients while holding the bottle at any prefered angle Fine mist spray pattern distributes water evenly to hair. 300 ml refillable bottle. Fixed volume provides 1.25 cc per spray...

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