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  • Checkpad - Barber/Stylist Services

    Check pads help barbers stay organized and maintain professionalism while keeping accurate records. If you are a multi chair shop or just 1 chair,  you need to know what services were performed and where your revenue is coming from.  Each page...

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  • Barber Strong Black Nitrile Gloves

    Barber Strong Nitrile Gloves, are a textured, ambidextrous, single use glove.  Latex Free Powder-free Allergy-safe Nitrile Thickness 4 ml Each box brings 100 gloves Strong, puncture-resistant material Textured finger tips so you can...

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  • Towel Hamper - Mesh

    This great pop up towel hamper is made of a durable, breathable black mesh.  Perfect for hauling towels from the shop to home or the laundry mat.   Will hold dozens of towels.  Handles make transport easy. Folds up easy and small for...

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  • Gloves - Black Nitrile XL - SPECIAL BUY!

    Special Price ona a great Black Nitrile Gloves Size XL.   Box of 100 gloves with easy open dispenser box.  These gloves are comfortable and strong.  Latex free and powder free. Ideal for barber and beauty use (not for medical use)...

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  • Towels - Cotton Terry White (Good - Basic)

    The Essentials Towel from Partex - 100% cotton 15"x26" 2.3lbs.  A good, basic towel at a reasonable price.  You receive 1 pack of 12 towels.   Message about towels and the price of cotton: Like many things these days, the price of...

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  • Spray Bottle Continuous Spray - Fro' Day

    Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray every time. Superior ergonomics makes it delightful to use and its spray performance is truly remarkable.  Continuous Spray – Repeated actuation produces and endless...

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  • Dukal Neck Strip

    Soft, highly absorbent tissue is easy to use and is available in convenient bundles of 60 pre-cut strips. Stretches to fit easily and comfortably around customer's neckPurchase box or in bulk. Purchase 

    $9.50 - $34.95
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  • Styptic - Powder Or Liquid

    Styptic stops bleeding from shaving nics and cuts. Apply powder or liquid directly to nics and cuts to slow and stop bleeding. Choose: Powder or Liquid. $2.95 each Buy a dozen and save money - $29.00/dz

    $2.95 - $29.00
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  • Retail Product Bags - Case

    If you sell items or provide complementary samples in your shop, you need a professional retail bag to hold your clients items!  The perfect size for most items - combs, brushes, shampoo, pomades, hair fibers, etc.This die-cut universal retail...

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  • Vincent Powder Dispenser Bottle

    A spray bottle made to dispense out powder. The easiest, cleanest and most sanitary way! Skip buying a powder neck duster or a expensive powder with nozzle and use this reusable bottle. Simply fill it with your choice of powder and its good to go. Nozzle...

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  • Neck Strip Dispenser - Diane

    A great way to keep neck strips stored and ready for use. Keeps neck strips from any hairs or liquids. Most any neck strip brand will fit in this dispenser.  5" 1/2 x 3" 1/2DEA027

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