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Oil & Grease

  • H-42 Clipper Oil

    Clipper and trimmer blade oil from H-42.  8oz bottle (twice as large as most blade oils).  Will keep tools running faster, cooler and keep blades sharper longer.  Be sure to use a high quality blade oil such as H-42 and NOT any lubricants...

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  • Oster Gear Lube

    Gear LubeT grease is a tough, hard working lubricant specially designed to prolong the life of universal motor clippers Recommended use: Lubricate clipper head gear mechanism every six months for a smoother running tool. 1.25 fl. ozs. tube

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  • Oster Clipper Oil

    Premium lubricating oil is designed especially for professional use. A nondetergent oil that meets FDA purity standards, it is ideal for all clippers and blades. Use frequently on blades for longer blade and clipper life. 4oz. bottle

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