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Oil & Grease

  • H-42 Clipper Oil

    Clipper and trimmer blade oil from H-42.  8oz bottle (twice as large as most blade oils).  Will keep tools running faster, cooler and keep blades sharper longer.  Be sure to use a high quality blade oil such as H-42 and NOT any lubricants...

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  • Oster Gear Lube

    Gear Lube grease is a tough, hard working lubricant specially designed to prolong the life of universal motor clippers Recommended use: Lubricate clipper head gear mechanism every six months for a smoother running tool. 1.25 fl. ozs. tube

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  • Wahl Clipper Oil

    WAHL OIL is the standard in the clipper cutting industry. Apply the 5 step oiling method to your clippers blades (or three step for your trimmer blades) after each cut to prolong blade life. Spray CLINI CLIP on to blades before oil application for...

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  • Oster Clipper Oil

    Premium lubricating oil is designed especially for professional use. A nondetergent oil that meets FDA purity standards, it is ideal for all clippers and blades. Use frequently on blades for longer blade and clipper life. 4oz. bottle

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  • Andis Clipper Oil

    Andis premium lubricating blade and clipper oil:Ensure your tools are ready for your next creative breakthrough with must-have Andis Clipper Oil. Specially formulated to prolong the life of Andis equipment, this extra-premium mix keeps blades...

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