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Vac Systems

  • Complete Vac System

    This is the complete Arrco Vac System. It comes with everything you need including, 2 vac hoses without wire and 2 hose end attachments of your choice. Hose ends are also included. These are very reliable, very durable vac systems. We rarely - if ever -...

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  • Vac Cloth Filter Bag

    This is a filter bag for your vac system. It is the part that catches and holds hair. This is made by Arrco Co. for their boxes. Item #:AP30

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  • Vac Top Gasket

    This part is a top gasket for your vac system vac box. This part is made by Arrco Co. for their vac boxes. Item #:AP70

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  • Vac Box

    This is a Vac Box made for your Arrco Vac System. Features: PORTABLE - easy to move affordable vacuum system SANITARY - keeps your shop clean PROFESSIONAL - solid all metal construction SAVES TIME - no more sweeping EASY -...

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  • Vac Hose With Wire

    This part is a hose for your vac system. This hose is reinforced with wire. It is 86 inches (7ft)Includes ends   This part is made by Arrco Co.   Part #: AH20

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  • Vac Motor

    This part is a motor for your vac box that we sell. Some degree of technical proficiency is required to install the motor.

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  • Vac Box Hole Plug

    This is a hole plug made for your vac system.  If you only need to use one of the hose outlets you can use this plug for the other hole. This part is made by Arrco Co. for their system.

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