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Vac Systems

  • Complete Vac System

    This is the complete Arrco Vac System. It comes with everything you need including, 2 vac hoses without wire and 2 hose end attachments of your choice. Hose ends are also included. These are very reliable, very durable vac systems. We rarely - if ever -...

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  • Vac Cloth Filter Bag

    This is a filter bag for your vac system. It is the part that catches and holds hair. This is made by Arrco Co. for their boxes. Item #:AP30

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  • Vac Top Gasket

    This part is a top gasket for your vac system vac box. This part is made by Arrco Co. for their vac boxes. Item #:AP70

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  • Vac Box

    This is a Vac Box made for your Arrco Vac System. Features: PORTABLE - easy to move affordable vacuum system SANITARY - keeps your shop clean PROFESSIONAL - solid all metal construction SAVES TIME - no more sweeping EASY -...

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  • Vac Hose With Wire

    This part is a hose for your vac system. This hose is reinforced with wire. It is 86 inches (7ft)Includes ends   This part is made by Arrco Co.   Part #: AH20

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  • Vac Motor

    This part is a motor for your vac box that we sell. Some degree of technical proficiency is required to install the motor.

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