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  • Sterilizer - Dry Heat

    The Classic Spa by FantaSea Dry Heat Sterilizer is a Sterilizer designed for Metal implements and tools used on clients.   Features: - Kills bacteria and viruses by reaching 392 deg F. - High quality stainless steel construction - Automatic...

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  • Witch Hazel

    From Swan - a trusted brand.  Witch Hazel is a skin astringent. For salon and shop use on skin, face, neck, nape.Also for relief of minor skin irritations due to: Insect bites Minor cuts Minor scrapes.  For external use only. 16 fl...

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  • ABBS Reusable Razor Blade Disposal

    An aluminum blade disposal caddy with a removable bottom in black with ABBS design on the side. Designed to open and dumb contents or you can toss the entire disposal away.  We recommend when emptying, wearing gloves and opening the disposal with...

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  • Level3 5in1 Clipper Spray

    L3VEL3 5 in 1 Clipper Spray Our clipper spray disinfects, deodorizes, cools, lubricates, and protectsIf you’re a barber, it’s essential to keep your clippers clean and in good working order. Nobody wants their hair cut with gunky, rusty...

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  • BabylissPro BarberSonic - Disinfectant Box

    Babyliss has introduced the First-Ever Barber Disinfectant Box - The BarberSonic This Barber disinfectant box that uses an automated cleaning cycle combining Disinfectant liquid (Barbicide, Marvicide, etc.) and supersonic vibration to clean shears,...

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  • Barbicide RTU (Ready To Use) Spray

    BARBICIDE® RTU (Ready to Use) is the most environmentally friendly alternative to standard aerosols in the professional beauty industry. An EPA-registered bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal spray designed to disinfect all of your hard, non-porous...

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  • Barbicide Disinfectant Bullets - Concentrate

    A 6 pack of 2oz barbicide suface cleaner in concentrate form.  Mix your own spray and save money while getting one of the best disinfectant solutions in the industry. Why a surface cleaner?  Because all of the surfaces you want to be...

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  • G6T5 Germicidal Bulb for Deluxe Sterilizer

    This bulb is a 9" long replacement germicidal bulb. This is meant to fit in your UV Sterilization Box - Deluxe.***CAUTION*** IMPROPER USE OF GERMICIDAL PRODUCTS CAN LEAD TO HARMFUL DAMAGE TO EYES OR SKIN DUE TO UV RADIATION. RECOMMENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL...

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  • Alcohol 70% Plain

    Isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70% mixture. 16 oz. 70% alcohol, 30% water   NOTE: brand could vary - contents will not. NOTE: This item cannot ship Air Express, to PO boxes or AK/HI

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  • Hand Sanitizer - Agadir 8oz Spray

    Agadir Hand Sanitizer Spray.  8oz Spray BottleHigh quality - very light frangrance.  Doesn't leave hands feeling weird or with residue, but does lightly moisturize thanks to Argan Oil.  o    Micro Mist for easy,...

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  • Barbicide TB (formerly Barbicide Plus)

    Barbicide Plus is now Barbicide TB. The same germ killing formula as before for Tuberculocidal use. The Plus - For Use When a Tuberculocidal Hospital Disinfectant is required. For all metal instruments, and for chemically resistant plastics. Recommended...

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