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  • G5 Barber Air Cordless

    The leader of the most powerful, durable and quiet mobile air compressor. It's modern and minimalistic. Perfect look to have at every barber station. The most convenient, sanitary, mobile system to get rid of hair from your client and eliminate...

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  • G6T5 Germicidal Bulb for Deluxe Sterilizer

    This bulb is a 9" long replacement germicidal bulb. This is meant to fit in your UV Sterilization Box - Deluxe.***CAUTION*** IMPROPER USE OF GERMICIDAL PRODUCTS CAN LEAD TO HARMFUL DAMAGE TO EYES OR SKIN DUE TO UV RADIATION. RECOMMENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL...

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  • Alcohol 70% Plain

    Isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70% mixture. 16 oz. 70% alcohol, 30% water   NOTE: brand could vary - contents will not. NOTE: This item cannot ship Air Express, to PO boxes or AK/HI

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  • Hand Sanitizer - Agadir 8oz Spray

    Agadir Hand Sanitizer Spray.  8oz Spray BottleHigh quality - very light frangrance.  Doesn't leave hands feeling weird or with residue, but does lightly moisturize thanks to Argan Oil.  o    Micro Mist for easy,...

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  • Barbicide TB (formerly Barbicide Plus)

    Barbicide Plus is now Barbicide TB. The same germ killing formula as before for Tuberculocidal use. The Plus - For Use When a Tuberculocidal Hospital Disinfectant is required. For all metal instruments, and for chemically resistant plastics. Recommended...

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  • Barbicide Disinfectant

    Barbicide liquid germicide, pseudomonacide, fugicide, virucide keeps you and your customers safe. Choose Size: Pints OR 1/2 Gallon BARBICIDE® is known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA registered disinfection in salons, barbershops and spas...

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  • MOD Clean Disinfectant Pods

    MOD CLEAN®SALON DISINFECTANT PODS MOD Clean® salon disinfectant is a pre-measured hospital grade powdered disinfectant pod that just makes sense for the beauty industry. Times have changed; why use traditional liquid disinfectant in a MODern...

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  • UV Sterilization Box - Deluxe

    UV Sterilization Box FSC-799 UV Sterilizer can be used to sterilize brushes, combs, manicure implements, and other salon tools. It features an on/off touch screen and an LCD digital timer that can be set from 45 to 120 minutes. Includes a convenient,...

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  • Hand Sanitizer - 24oz Bottle Christine Ashley

    This is a 24oz bottle of Liquid Hand Sanitizer.  It has a flip top (would be better with spray or pump top but there is a nationwide shortage).  Would also be great used as a refill for a spray bottle or empty hand sanitizer bottle with pump...

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  • Hand Sanitizer - Clere Gel Small 4oz

    Clere Hand Sanitizer Gel in a convenient 4oz bottle with twist open top. Kills 99.99% of Bacteria and Germs. 70% ethyl alcohol Made in the USA  IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT ship to HI, AK, any APO/FPO/Overseas address or any PO Box or...

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  • Face Shield - Wearable

    The Pro Shield Face guard is a wearable total face protector.  Keeps bodily fluid and airborne saliva away from your face.  Ideal for Barbers, Stylists and Nail Techs.  Features: - Padded head band on shield for all day comfort -...

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