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Brushes & Mugs

  • Razor & Brush Stand Chrome

    The razor and brush stand from Col. Conk. Chrome stand for a good counter look and durability.  Holds most any safety type or disposable razor and any brush.  Helps keep your bristles lasting longer as you can hang the brush property to keep...

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  • Shaving Brush Stand by Col. Conk

    Dry your brush the way most shaving brush manufacturers recommend in the open air, with the bristles hanging down. The stand is made to fit most brushes where the bristles and the handle meet. Stand dimensions: 2 3/4"H x 1 9/16"W x 2"D Opening:...

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  • Parker Shave Brush

    Shaving elegance at a terrific price.  Chrome handle, Pure Badger Bristle.  The Parker model CHPB Shaving Brush is a great brush for the money that will give you a smooth application of rich lather shave after shave.  

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  • Col Conk Shaving Gift Set

    Col. Conk #221 box gift set includes:  Hand crafted Col. Conk Boar Brush, Porcelin Mug, and 1 Mug Soap (could be one of the following: bay rum, almond, lime or amber).  All items come boxed together as set.  Items may vary slightly from...

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  • Col. Conk Mug Soap

    High quality mug soap from the legendary Col. Conk Company.  This mug soap bar weighs 2.25ozs and fits any standard mug.  Choose from the following scents:  Bay Rum (pictured), Almond, Lime, Amber

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  • Col. Conk Shave Mug - SHAVING MUG #129

    This high quality shave mug comes individually boxed with Col. Conk shave soap. Features an extra wide opening for ease of use. The band around the bottom of the mug depicts decorative shave brushes in black. Our biggest ceramic mug.

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  • Shave Brush #4P

    4P OMEGA SHAVING BRUSH Italian made, Black Plastic Handle Shaving Brush. Professional Quality. Individually Packaged. Pure Boar Bristle.  A good quality brush at a reasonable price.

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  • Shaving Mug Soap Box

    Eight professional quality individual mug soaps packaged in a box. Gently scented soap works up a generous lather for moisture-enriched shaving. Choose: Regular (pictured) or Glycerin (for sensitive skin)

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