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Lucky Tiger

  • Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic

    Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic completes both the cleansing and shaving process eliminating unwanted residue. Formulated with a select combination of natural botanicals, including Aloe Vera to...

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  • Lucky Tiger Bay Rum

    A classic barbershop after shave never goes out of style. Our Bay Rum after shave cools, invigorates and refreshes your face and neck after a clean close shave. Splash it on to stimulate skin,...

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  • Lucky Tiger Control Wax Jar

    Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch & Control Wax delivers premium hold to crew and buzz cuts as well as other short and dramatic hairstyles. Lucky Tiger Control Wax is stiff enough to make a rockabilly pomp...

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  • Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic - 3 Purpose

    Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic in a 16oz bottle. 3 Purpose with fine oils. Apply to hair/scalp and massage. Great for grooming hair, and stimulating the scalp. Keeps hair shiny and healthy IMPORTANT NOTE:...

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  • Lucky Tiger Ointment

    The Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics Skin Ointment, perfect for skin irritations, Psoriasis and as a treatment for dandruff, also provides relief from itching, burns, bites and scratches. 4oz jar Can...

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  • Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream

    Provide cool comfort to irritated skin with Lucky Tiger Menthol Mint Vanishing Cream. This wonderful after shave moisturizer, complemented with a unique blend of menthol and mint, works great on...

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