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  • Dovo #50 Thinning Shear

    This Dovo thinning shear is a 6.5" 46 tooth thinner with the unmistakable quality of Dovo German shears.  It pairs perfectly with the Catch Cut Shears.  Satin finish.  Typically stays...

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  • Dovo Razor Inserts

    Razor inserts enable use of different blade types for Dovo A-9 and Dovo Shavette Razors. Choose: Clear - 1/2 of a Double Edge blade  (NOTE: These were Red in color - but still same design and...

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  • Dovo Shavette Razor Metal Handle

    The Dovo Shavette is the ultimate in replaceable blade razor shaving.  Lightweight but durable metal handle.  This razor gives you the look and feel of a traditional straight razor but with...

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  • Dovo Shavette Wood Handle Razor

    Black aluminum with Olive Wood handle Dovo shavette. Comes with 2 disposable long blade holder inserts (black) and 1 disposable short blade insert (clear). Use any double edge replacement blade for...

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  • Dovo Shear #20 Catch Cut

    Dovo is a name that means quality. From the legendary city of Solingen Dovo produces this finely finished, perfectly balanced, smooth cutting shear. Try it and you will not be disappointed. This...

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