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Neck Dusters

  • ClipPro Hair Vac

    ClipPro Hair Vac

    An Exciting new tool for the barber and beauty industry. Invented by Mike Schultz, award- winning barber and hair stylist.The ClipPro hair vacuum replaces traditional barber neck dusters. (note: this tool is not a full vac system but is designed for...

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  • Neck Duster - Classic Marvy #53

    Neck Duster - Classic Marvy #53

    The Marvy #53 Neck Duster is a barber favorite. Great looking clear coated wooden handle. Duster can stand up on end of wooden handle.  Sterilized horse hair brush - Made in Austria.

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  • Neck Duster - Denman Black

    The Denman neck duster features: - black, synthetic bristles that are soft to the touch and perfect for cleaning necks, face, ears and  cutting capes - black plastic offset handle tapers for easy grip and a perfect dusting angle.   - duster...

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  • Neck Duster - Denman Red

    Neck Duster - Denman Red

    The Denman neck duster is a fully sanitizable duster brush for the gentle removal of loose hair from the face and neck. Ergonomically designed handle offers two grip options. Extra soft nylon bristles provide added client comfort.   Brush...

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  • Neck Duster - Marvy Black #75

    Marvy no. 75 neck duster is a stand up duster with a black hard plastic handle and gold accents.  A good volume of very soft goat hair removes hair easily from capes, necks, ears, hairlines, etc.

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  • Neck Duster - Powder Dispensing

    Long soft, nylon bristles are great for dusting off hair. Durable plastic handle with button that allows you to dispensing powder while dusting. A great finishing touch for your customers. Note: Talc Powder not included

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  • Neck Duster - Wide

    The Scalpmaster Extra wide neck duster features a wide black plastic handle that is indented for easy grip.   7 rows of synthetic white bristles are soft and remove hair from neck and cape easily.  

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  • Neck Duster Large Bass #1326

    Enough with the tiny, cheap neck dusters.  Are you looking for a large, substantial neck (or body) duster?  This is it!  Bass quality with a hard wood handle and 100% horse mane hair so you get a soft natural bristle. Duster is approx. 8...

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