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Clipper/Trimmer Blades

  • Andis Blade Zero Gapper

    Easily adjusts blades to achieve a closer shave or lineup. Requires only a screwdriver to zero gap blade.  Designed to easily adjust Andis Outliner, T-Outliner and Styliner blades #04521, #04604, #26704 and #32859.  To see a video demonstration...

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  • Andis CeramicEdge Blades

    Andis CeramicEdge Blades are the lastest and greatest innovation in the clipper blade industry. The ceramic cutting blade dramatically reduces friction allowing blades to run cooler longer. The result: your blades need sharpening less frequently and you...

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  • Andis Cordless T-Outliner Blade

    Features • Carbon-steel for dependable, long-life blade that stays sharp. • Comfort Edge blade for smooth cutting, can be zero gapped. • Replacement for model ORL, Cordless T-Outliner Li trimmer.  Blade includes black plastic blade...

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  • Andis Cordless T-Outliner Square Blade

    Do you miss the narrow blade from your Outliner II?  Now you can put it on your Andis Cordless T-Outliner.  Experience the freedom of a narrow blade for your detailed work.   And like the full line of Cordless t-outliner blades, it...

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  • Andis Envy Fade Blade

    Andis Envy Fade Blade (cuts hair extra close).  This is the surgical type blade that comes originally equipped on Andis Fade Envy (gold clipper) but fits: All US-1 Clippers - Envy (red), Fade Envy (gold), Maven (blue swirl), Stylist Combo Envy...

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  • Andis Envy US-1 Blade

    Andis blade fits all US-1 Clippers: Envy (red), Fade Envy (gold), Maven (blue swirl), Stylist Combo Envy (black), Barber Combo (gray), etc. Made in USA #66240

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  • Andis GTX Trimmer Blade Deep Tooth

    Deep teeth provide for great hair feeding with the benefit of clean, sharp cuts. This blade is a new barber favorite thanks to the unique teeth design.  Try it on your Outliner, T-outliner or GTX.  The Andis Deep Tooth Blade fits:...

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  • Andis Master Fade Blade

    The Andis Fade Master blade fits either your Fade or Improved Master Clipper. Cuts down to #00000 (shortest possible cut on this model). Note: This blade is NOT compatible with guard use.

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  • Andis Master Phat Blade

    The Phat Master blade is a revolutionary design that gives your master the ability to cut like you are using a 1/8" guard without the hassle of a guard. The blade design eliminates the need for attachments that are prone to breaking and popping off...

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