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Floor Mats

  • Barber/Stylist Floor Mat - Xtra Flex Floor Mat

    A great quality anti-fatigue mat for a equally great price. Our most comfortable floor mat yet!  Made of 7/8" Foam for a thick and durable feel 3'x5' Any movement or impacts on the Xtra-Flex mat are absorbed by it's microcellular foam (which...

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  • Barber/Stylist Mat - Comfort Craft

    COMFORT CRAFT CLASSIC SALON MATS: 3'x5' 3/4" foam thickness with a soft top.  This is our best feeling mat! Made in the USA!  Better quality and more durable than the Asian import mats. The Comfort*Craft Classic series gives you the tailored...

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  • Welcome Mat - Barber Pole Horizontal - NEW!

    A great looking welcome mat for your shop.  A classic barber pole print that will add class, brand your shop as a barber establishment and keep your floors cleaner!  Mat measures 3'x4', has a long lasting carpeted surface and a durable rubber...

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  • Welcome Mat - Barber Pole Character

    Make a great impression at the door. Welcome customers and keep your floor clean with this great looking barber pole mat. Features long lasting, heavy duty backing. Mat is machine washable. Measures 3' x 4'

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  • Barber/Stylist Floor Mat

    Treat your feet and legs to some relief with a great feeling mat to stand on. This high quality mat is soft to stand on all day, but the tough vinyl top holds up to rough treatment. The mat measures 3' x 5', and has an indention for your chair so the mat...

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