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Oster Blades

  • Oster 76 Blade Modified #0A

      The #0A modified blade is perfect for removing hair on flattops, afros or finishing other hairstyles not close to the scalp.  Perfect for getting those loose/tall hairs left after a first cut.  This blade cuts and sculpts with precision...

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  • Oster 76 Blades

    Oster's newest 76 blade design offers the same great, long lasting performance as the old blades and run 20 degrees cooler thanks to reduced friction design. That means they don't build up as much heat and they go longer between sharpening or replacement...

    $22.00 - $35.00
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  • Oster Fast Feed Blades

    Your choice of two blades for your #23-51 Fast Feed Clipper.  The specially designed lower blade allows hair to flow into the cutting blades for fast and accurate cutting. The convenient adjustable blade feature allows you to quickly adjust from...

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  • Oster T-Finisher #59-01 Trimmer Blades

    The Oster #59-01 is a favorite trimmer of many barbers. These replacement blades are made by Oster for your trimmer. Choose any of the following for just $17.95 each: T-Blade (#913-58) pictured Narrow Blade (#913-56) Shaving Blade (#913-006)

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  • Oster Turbo 111 Clipper Blades

    We offer 9 blade sizes for your Oster Turbo 111 Clipper. Choose the size you need (click on chart for blade detail): Size #00000 - $22 Size #0000 - $22 Size #000 - $22 Size #0A - $22 Size #1 - $22 Size #1A - $22 Size #1 1/2 - $27 Size #2 -...

    $22.00 - $30.00
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