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Barber Shop Aid

  • Barber Shop Aid Waving Butter

    Barber Shop Aid Waving Butter helps to bring out natural waves easy. It is the only hair pomade with the awesome combination of Shea Butter to soften and condition the hair, the Multiwax locks waves into place while the Sweet Almond Oil gives the hair a...

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  • Barber Shop Aid Fresh Cool Breeze Aftershave

    Barber Shop Aid® Fresh Cool Breeze™ promotes skin repair, forms a protective barrier that keeps germs out, kills germs that have already infiltrated and prevent scars, soothes and relieves minor irritations. This multipurpose...

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  • Barber Shop Aid Sport Heat After Shave

    Barber Shop Aid® Sport Heat™  Aftershave With Aloe: When the kids said "we don't want the hot stuff" Barber Shop Aid brought to them the No Burn! When the men said "we like the burn" Barber Shop Aid now brings to you Barber Shop...

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  • Barber Shop Aid No Burn Aftershave

    No Burn Astringent from Barber Shop Aid products is a great new product that will clean the skin and hairline without burning or stinging. Keeps you or your client feeling fresh and clean with the sting. Comes in a great looking clear plastic 13oz. goose...

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