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Lather Machines and Soap

  • ABBS Lather Machine

    Introducing the New ABBS lather machine - Lather Service at a better price!  The ABBS lather machine is a hot lather dispenser that produces great hot, foamy lather consistently.  But let's face it - perfect lather machines are hard to find...

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  • Campbell's Lather Cleaner

    Campbell's Lather King cleaner. Add a small amount to each batch of lather soap to keep your machine clean and running well. Regular use will reduce clogging and poor performance. 8oz. bottle.   IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT ship to HI,...

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  • Lather Time Lather Machine - Scalpmaster

    A Lather Machine is a must for the Professional Barber Shop. Until recently there has only been one choice in Lather Machines. Now, the Lather Time machine is ready to ship and offers some nice features to keep plenty of hot lather at your fingertips:...

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  • LatherKing Latherizer - All New!

    The Next Generation LatherKing Latherizer is here.   This is the only professional lather machine still made in the US and the new features and improvements are terrific.  First, they kept the great features: - Stainless steel valve -...

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  • Scalpmaster Liquid Shave Cream

    This liquid shave cream from Scalpmaster can be used in most any lather machine - Lather Time, Campbell's Lather King, etc. Mix with water (per instructions on the bottle) to make 2 gallons of rich, thick, lather. Nice fresh scent. 8oz bottle. Made in USA

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  • Wahl Hot Lather Machine

    Hot Lather Machine by Wahl:  -Professional Barber Quality Dispenser -Completely heats up in 50 minutes-Easy Maintenance - no internal moving parts to clog or leak!-Uses Pre-mixed solution '19 Liquid Lather (not concentrate - pour entire bottle into...

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