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Counter Pads

  • ABBS Counter Pad

    The NEW ABBS counter pad is 27" long x 12" high.  Perfect as a counter/backbar pad designed to protect fragile tools from the effects of hard countertops - blade chips from short drops and dulling from constant contact. This oversized LONG pad...

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  • ABBS Counter Pad - New Style!

    The New ABBS rubber (PVC) counter pad with divider areas.  Measuring 20" wide and 14" deep it fits most backbar counter tops.  Protects your tools, is durable and very easy to clean.  Don't chip expensive trimmer blades setting them down...

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  • BabylissPro Barber Mat

     -Heavy-duty, durable, and easy to clean  -Nonslip surface helps keep barber tools in place and organized  -Heat resistant up to 150 degrees (F)  -Large tool area(18"x 12") This mat is meant to be used for clippers and trimmers...

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  • Fade Pad

    The Fade Pad is a 12"x18" counter/backbar pad designed to protect fragile tools from hard countertops. This oversized pad features a durable polyester fabric top for long wear. The pad is all black so it will not show dirt or stains. At the center of the...

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