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Razor Blades

  • ABBS Blade Disposal Case

    A sanitary and safe way to dispose of used blades! Simply drop the old blade in the top slot once you're ready to dispose of it. When the case is full, you can either toss it or empty it out by pulling the bottom base. We recommend holding the blade case...

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  • Dorco Razor Blades Double Edge Red Carton

    Dorco Stainless Steel Blades (ST301) are 111% sharper than previous ST300 blades.10 packs of 10 blades = 100 razor blades Double Edge Razor Blades - can be broken in half for single blade use or kept whole for Safety razor, etc Blades fit in all...

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  • Feather Styling Razor Blades Bonus Value Pack

    Feather Bonus Value Pack includes 3 packs of Styling blades with a free disposal case.  A great way to remove and dispose of your used blades without getting cut or disposing of blades in the trash can. Includes 30 Feather Standard Blades and...

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  • Diane Corn Cutter Blades

    Small blades made to fit your corn cutter or one of your Smith & Scott razors! This price is for ONE 10 pack of blades Each blade measures to be 1in x 1in

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  • Rockwell Double- Edge Razor Blades

    Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are made of Pure Swedish Stainless Steel and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors. The pure stainless steel that forms these blades protects them against rust, while the specialized treatment that crafts...

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  • Feather Texturizing Blades

     The FEATHER Texturizing Blade is unique in that it cuts hair in small sections and only removes half of the hair which creates volume and texture. The blade fits snug into the handle and does not chatter or move when cutting. The blade itself is...

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  • ABBS Single Edge Blades

    New to the ABBS collection, ABBS Single Edge Blades!  Great value on a good blade with features you find on more expensive razor blades:  - Made from Swedish Stainless Steel  - Teflon & Chromium coated edges  - Each pack contains...

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  • Derby Premium Double Edge 1/2 Blades

    The popular Derby brand now in a Premium blade.  These are double edge blades already snapped in half for you and individually wrapped for cleanliness and safety.  The Derby Premium is a pack of 100 blades and features: - Sweedish steel - noted...

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  • Feather Artist Club Pro Guard Razor Blades

    The Feather Artist Club Series Pro Guard is an extremely sharp, close cutting blade that protects the client from cuts.  Thanks to a thin, rounded wire guard the blade is safer without sacrificing smoothness or durability.  15 blades in a pack.

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  • Dorco Prime Razor Blade Pack

    The NEW Dorco Prime Platinum Double Edge blades.   Forged with today's shaving technology and the finest stainless steel, Dorco Prime is a tribute to shaving's past while ushering in modern advances in razor blade manufacturing. Micro...

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  • Feather Plier Razor Blades

    Blades for your Feather Plier Razor: The FEATHER® Plier™ Razor (sold separately) is the most advanced replacement blade hairstyling razor in the world without a guard. Designed for the purest at heart, the Plier™ is a thin, lightweight...

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  • Royal Razor Blades

    Royal Razor Blades.  Single edge blade like the Personna Hair Shaper blade.  Stainless Steel.  Made in USA.  Carton of 60 blades

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