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  • Clubman Beard Trio

    A kit essential for beards! This trio features the Clubman: Beard Conditioner, Beard Balm, and Beard Oil. Can be used individually or in beard regimen Beard Conditoner - Face moisturizer and beard conditioner; 3 fl oz Beard Balm - Conditioning...

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  • Clubman Beard Oil

    For conditioning and hydrating beards Soothes dry skin, provides light shine and moisture Prevents itching and flaking due to new hair growth and other elements Conditions beard and skin underneath with Macadania Seed Oil...

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  • Clubman Powder - Travel Size

    Clubman Pinaud Powder has been specifically formulated to help control moisture to keep you cool, calm and irritation free all day. A unique blend of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide and Kaolin keeps your skin feeling dry and smooth. Combined with the classic...

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  • Clubman Shave Cream

    Enriched with Aloe Vera, let this cream sit on your face for 30 seconds before shaving and notice the difference! Special pH formula for closer, more comfortable shaves. Rich, creamy lather softens whiskers to protect and lubricate.Terrific Clubman...

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  • Clubman Reserve Brandy Spice 1.7oz

    Clubman Reserve Brandy Spice After Shave - 1.7oz bottle A good chance to try a small bottle or give as a favor to a good client. A bold scent with brandied apple, mixed spice and musk notes.  A great aftershave to cool the skin and help heal nicks...

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  • Clubman Lime Sec Cologne 1.7oz

    Clubman Lime Sec Eau De Cologne - 1.7oz bottle A good chance to try a small bottle or give as a favor to a good client. Clubman Lime Sec is a zesty Fougere frangrance with a top note of lime.  Cools and refreshes. Soothes tender skin and leaves you...

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  • Clubman Musk After Shave 1.7oz

    Clubman Musk After Shave Cologne - 1.7oz bottle A good chance to try a small bottle or give as a favor to a good client. A classic cologne with a unique blend to soothe and exhilarate.  Musk leaves a classic, manly fragrance loved by many.  

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  • Clubman Shave Butter

    Clubman Shave Butter Clubman's Shave Butter moisture rich formula with Shea and Cocoa Butter hydrates skin, softens whiskers and sets the beard for the closest, cleanest, most comfortable shave you've ever experienced.  It's nourshing, butter blend...

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  • Clubman Reserve Powder Whiskey Woods

    Clubman Reserve Powder in Whiskey Woods scent.  A smoky scent with whiskey, tobacco, and woody notes.  Masculine and sophisticated.  A real step up from traditional "sweet talc scents".  Smells like a barber shop.  9oz container...

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  • Clubman Reserve Aftershaves

    Clubman Reserve Aftershaves - a new choice of fragrances from the Iconic Clubman brand.   Choose from the following scents in 6oz bottles: Gent's Gin - A masculine scent with a gin signature, lime and cedar notes Whiskey Woods - A smoky scent...

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