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Strops & Hones

  • Razor Strop Budget

    Horsehide strop with brass hook and handle at bottom.  23.5" in total length and 2.5" wide.  This basic and functional strop is suitable for use with any straight razor that needs stropping.  Comes with back strop made of canvas.

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  • Razor Hone Double Sided

    The Razor and Clipper Blade Sharpening Hone from Vincent (VT1313).  Double sided - 1 side is 500 grit for rough grinding to return edges to original shape.   The other side is 800 grit for fine finishing, smoothing and polishing cutting edges...

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  • Strop Dressing

    Strop Dressing #364 from Fromm. Rubs right on to the face of the leather on the strop. After drying time the strop is conditioned and restored for better sharpening. Helps keep leather from cracking. Also helpful for breaking in a new strop.4oz bottle

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  • Razor Hone - Col. Conk

    Col. Conk Surgical Arkansas stone - ideal for sharpening straight razors. The stone is mounted on a 12" wood handle for ease of use. Includes Guidelines for stropping and sharpening a straight razor.

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  • Razor Strop #361

    Razor Strop made by Illinois Razor Strop Company - the nation's oldest. This 24" strop features a brass plated top plate and hook and a full leather front with a second strip made of canvas. 2.5" wide x 24" long.   Made in the USA!

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  • Razor Strop With Handle #127

    A quality Strop made by Illinois Razor Strop Company - the nation's oldest. Brass plated top plate and hook. Bottom is finished with black leather hand piece. 2nd strip is made of stout canvas. 2.5"  wide x 23" long.  Made in the USA! 

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