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  • Mirror - Wood Frame

    Beautifully crafted mirror from Bass Brush Co.   This small hand held mirror is double sided.  One side is normal 1x magnification and the other is 3x magnification so customers can see finer detail and so you can examine hair or skin more...

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  • Mirror - Big Look Standard

    The Big Look mirror is a standard glass mirror with a hard plastic frame in black. Mirror (including frame but not including handle) measures 12" high x 9" wide.  Large and easy to hold, this mirror gives your client a good look at your perfect cut!

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  • Mirror - Foam Frame Round

    Our new round foam frame mirror is great for break resistant shop/salon or home use.  Safer around clients, kids and hard floors.  (note: mirror insert is glass and can break/shatter.  Foam frame protects it and makes the mirror break...

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  • Mirror - Foam Frame

    Rectangular Soft Foam Mirror 15.5" x 9.5" single-sided mirror. Break resistant foam frame protects shop and clients from breakage when dropped.  Handles on both firm foam ends with finger indentions. Model: SNS-15

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  • Mirror - Rectangle With Handles

    This Rectangle mirror is 11-1/4"W x 9"L, single sided with hand grips on both sides. Total mirror dimensions are 16"W x 10-1/4"L. Mirror frame is hard black plastic.   SNS-43

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  • Mirror - TV shape Unbreakable

    This highly break resistant mirror will not break when dropped on floor or counter. Handle includes hole for hanging on a hook. Mirror (not including handle) is 8" wide and 9" high.  Since there is no frame the entire surface is all mirror.SNS-16

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