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Black Ice

  • Black Ice Chromatone Spray

    Black Ice is a temporary color hair spray that is developed with the newest technology of today's cosmetics. Featuring a unique formula that does not run or wipe off. Looks natural when applied to the hair. Because of its non-running formula, BLACK ICE...

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  • Black Ice Detailing Kit

    Black Ice Barber Detailing Kit enhances beard, mustache, side burns, and hairlines to give you a clean sharp look.  Choose between "Black" and "Darkest Brown".

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  • Black Ice Hair Fiber Applicator

    NEW IMPROVED - WITH CLEANING PIN TO PREVENT CLOGGING!  A great applicator for Black Ice Hair Fibers or any brand.  Uses the classic "atomizer" application.  Fill the small jar with fiber color of your choice and squeeze the bulb at the...

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