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  • Black Ice Head Lamp

    High Performance Pro Barber HEAD LAMP from Black Ice Professional Signature Series.   An ideal tool for low light/no light situations.  Don't leave your work to chance when shadows obscure areas of the head or beard you are working on...

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  • Wave Cap - Black

    This Deluxe Stocking Wave Cap is made from a premium quality, high durability, ultra strech, silky, soft material.  What is even better is that this cap is treated with a 4-in-1 oil for hair and scalp health.  Organic Argan, Olive, Castor, and...

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  • Mr. C Hairpiece Tape

     Double-Sided Transparent Roll Tape. Choose from 3 different styles: Roll (#102), Straight strips (#110), B Curve Rectangle Strips (#107)  Roll is 1"wide x 108" long.  Straight Strips and B Curve Strips are approx. 1"x 3" and come in...

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  • Proraso Aftershave Spray Bulb Pump

    Spray bulb pump attachment for your proraso aftershave (made to pair with the 13.5 oz bottles) Simple screw onto your bottle and squeeze the bulb end to distrubute! Note: This is just the spray bulb attachment. The aftershave is sold seperately. You...

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  • Gallon Bottle Pump

    This pump is made to fit standard gallon bottles. Its a great tool that works with shampoo, conditioner, aftershave and more!  -1oz per pump

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  • Face Shield - Hand Held

    There are tons of spray products in shops and salons today.  Keep your clients more comfortable with this lightweight face shield.  The shield is designed to cover the client's face to protect eyes, nose and all the face from hairspray, color...

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