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  • BOW WOW X 360 Power Wave Medium Soft Boar Brush

    This Medium Soft brush with handle from Red Premium is a luxurious brush with all the features of a much more expensive natural brush. Why it is great: 100% Premium Natural Boar Bristles Medium soft bristles pull lay down hair flawlessly Perfectly...

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  • BabylissPro Essential Professional Kit

    Whether you’re a beginning barber or a seasoned stylist, the BaBylissPRO® Essential Professional Kit is your all-in-one solution. The convenience of this kit, coupled with the superior style and quality of the BaBylissPRO® brand, makes it a...

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  • Master Barber Comb - Hard Rubber

    The Master Barber Comb is a high quality, hard rubber comb. German Made for precision and durability that you can only find in a professional quality hard rubber barber comb.  The #689 is the only one still made. Master Barber Sociate The least...

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  • Fade Duster by OG Barber

    The Fade Duster is a Patent-Pending 2 in 1 tool that allows you to have a Fade Brush & Neck Duster in your hand at the same time! Features: - Fully Sanitizable - Made from 100% recycled plastic - Comfortable, ergonomic handle - Hole in tool for...

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  • OG Barber Wave Collection Box

    Are you a barber or stylist that needs some new brushes to either replenish or round out your arsenal?  Get this complete set and save over $10 off of buying them individually. These unique high quality brushes are especially designed for...

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  • BOW WOW X Metallic 2-in-1 Boar Brush

    RED Premium Metallic Gold Boar Brush X Bow Wow - Curved Club 2 bristles in 1 - hard (black bristle) and soft (gold bristle).  100% Natural Boar Timeless Metallic Wooden design.  Perfectly curved for easy brushing VERSATILE STYLING:...

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  • ABBS Rubber Comb - Thin Taper

    The ABBS X Thin Taper Rubber Comb is a 7.5" Taper/Clipper Finishing Comb.  The perfect size, weight and tension for versatile shop use.  Made for us by Krest combs from the finest materials (see more below), this speciality Comb is a TRUE...

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