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  • Kosher Agave Lechuguilla Brush

    The KoSHER Plant Based Hair brush is a natural brush made from Agave Lechuguilla Plant Fibers, Bamboo Fibers and Massage Pin Bristles. The KoSHER hair brush revitalizes/repairs the scalp by removing top layer toxins & oil build up while unblocking...

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  • Kosher Wave Brush 2 w/ Handle

    KoSHER 2 Plant-Base Wave Brush Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly 100% PLANT-BASE Hair Wave Brush. Hand Crafted with Ash Hardwood for the body Bristles are made from Agave Lechuguilla Plant Fibers Revitalizes/repairs the scalp by removing top layer...

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  • Club Brush Pocket Sized

    This 5" long club brush is the perfect size for carrying along. Works great on heads or beards. 5" in total length. Medium bristle. Note: brush color/shape may vary slightly from picture.

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  • Combined Fade Brush/Comb by Vincent

    The Vincent Combined Fade Brush/Comb Combo. One side is a gentle nylon brush and the other is a fine comb. Combined Fade Brush Combined with a comb - our fade brush makes it perfect for skin fading. The nylon bristles and comb will gently remove cut...

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  • Diane Luxe Brush - Soft Bristles

    The same brush style you love but with advanced implantation technology to reduce bristle loss. UV Coating for superior protection against moisture and wear. Choose from 6 different options. All options come with soft bristles.

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  • Smoothing Brush by StyleCraft

    The StyleCraft Smooth Brush comes with a unique curved handle and bristles that are ergonomically designed to work easy with a natural brushing motion. It has soft and gentle bristles massage the scalp while separating hair that in a motion that...

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  • Round Brush - 1" Thermal by Fromm

    F2032 Elite 1” Ceramic Round Brush Achieve brilliant blow out results with advanced ceramic ionic technology and outstanding design Ceramic x ionic barrel: Double ionic technology: Heats up faster and holds heat longer Negative...

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