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  • ABBS Poly Pin Brush

    A new poly pin brush designed by ABBS.  The innovative and professional feature added to this brush is that red rubber pad can slide out of the top of the brush for easy cleaning and disinfecting purposes.  At the same time, this "old school"...

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  • Stylecraft Barber Brush

    STYLECRAFT Fade Brush easily removes hair to help identify any fade imperfections without hair sticking to the scalp. The wider design with soft bristles gently removes hair debris for a perfect fade. Soft bristles provide excellent comfort. Some key...

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  • Wave Brush - Luxury Curved Palm

    The Red Premium Wave Brush endorsed by Bow Wow is a Premium Wave Brush with a curved contour, mixed natural boar bristle for the ideal medium bristle tension.  The high density bristles create deep, continuous, natural 360 waves. ...

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  • Kosher Agave Lechuguilla Brush

    The KoSHER Plant Based Hair brush is a natural brush made from Agave Lechuguilla Plant Fibers, Bamboo Fibers and Massage Pin Bristles. The KoSHER hair brush revitalizes/repairs the scalp by removing top layer toxins & oil build up while unblocking...

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  • Stylecraft Heat Stroke - Cordless Beard Hot Brush

    Heat Stroke is a wireless hot beard brush that lets you effectively tame, style, and straighten even the most unruly hair and beard. Stylecrafts hot beard brush helps you drastically cut the time you spend on hair and beard styling. Features: Cool...

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  • Kosher Wave Brush 2 w/ Handle

    KoSHER 2 Plant-Base Wave Brush Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly 100% PLANT-BASE Hair Wave Brush. Hand Crafted with Ash Hardwood for the body Bristles are made from Agave Lechuguilla Plant Fibers Revitalizes/repairs the scalp by removing top layer...

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  • Club Brush Pocket Sized

    This 5" long club brush is the perfect size for carrying along. Works great on heads or beards. 5" in total length. Medium bristle. Note: brush color/shape may vary slightly from picture.

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  • Combined Fade Brush/Comb by Vincent

    The Vincent Combined Fade Brush/Comb Combo. One side is a gentle nylon brush and the other is a fine comb. Combined Fade Brush Combined with a comb - our fade brush makes it perfect for skin fading. The nylon bristles and comb will gently remove cut...

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