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  • Amy Manikin - 100% Human Hair

    Amy Manikin is a great value for this much human hair.  Manikin prices have shot up over the past few years so finding one with some length and volume at less than the $50 price point is hard.  Beware on some sites the pricing is a little...

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  • Aiden Manikin

    Aiden is a male manikin with 100% Human Hair Premium Special Features: Top-quality hair for more accurate and vibrant color and bleaching results Custom implantation mimics natural human hair growth pattern.  Long hair front and back for realistic...

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  • Male Beard Manikin

    16"-18" bearded male manikin. This manikin is made of 60% human hair and 40% camel hair.  Level 4 Brown, 21.5" headHigh quality and suitable for any cut or styling use.  The 60/40 blend enables the manufacturer to offer a reasonable priced,...

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  • Manikin Holder - Table Top/Counter Clamp Style

    Basic Manikin Holder Ship wheel, adjustable manikin holder.  Easily clamps on to table top or desk top.  Insert fits all the manikins we sell and most any manikin on the market.  Features:- Unbreakable plastic- Clamps onto any flat...

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  • Jasmine Manikin

    Jasmine Manikin 16"-17" Dark Brown. 100% human hair with natural neck. Perfect for styling, cutting and coloring.E-805

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  • Manikin Tripod

    Adjustable height manikin tripod extends to 70" so you can acheive the perfect height and angle for your cut, color or style. Includes tools to adjust tripod.  Holds all standard manikins securely.Model: H-555

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