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  • Mentos Smooth Skin Liquid

    Mentos Smooth skin is an ideal product for eliminating razor bumps and skin irritation related to ingrown hairs and other shaving related problems.  4oz spray bottle makes application easy.IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT ship to HI, AK, any...

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  • Mentos Shave Gel Large

    Mentos Shave Gel in a large size 14.6 pump bottle.  Mentos Shave Gel is a unique Ph balanced, non-lathering shave formula that gives a clean, fast shave you cannot get from conventional soap based products. Alcohol and soap free. Keeps sensitive...

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  • Mentos Hero Aftershave

    Mentos Hero Aftershave is a Cool Water type fragrance.  It is a classic, clean male fragrance that is great for shop use or resale.   Choose: 6oz applicator bottle or 14oz bottle. Mentos will donate a portion of each purchase to benefit OATH...

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  • Mentos Cherry Almond Alcohol

    Mentos Cherry Almond Alcohol is a 32oz bottle of cleansing alcohol that is 70% by volume. Perfect for cleaning implements.  The cherry almond scent adds a nice fragrance to a potent disinfectant liquid.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT...

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  • Mentos Shave Liquid (Ultra Facial Conditioner)

    Mentos Liquid Shave is a moisturizing conditioner created for very sensitive skin. Use for razor bump relief, shaving irritation and burns. Alpha Hydroxy Acid - Aloe enhanced. 6oz bottle with flip top IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT ship to...

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  • Mentos Electric Shave

    For use before and after shaving with an electric razor. Soothes all skin types including sensitive skin. Soothes, moisturizes and prevents ingrown hair. For best results use daily and you will see great results within 14 days. 5oz. This Mentos cannabis...

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