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BabylissPro Clippers

  • BabylissPro GoldFX Boost Clipper FX870GBP

    The BaBylissPRO GoldFX Boost+ Metal Lithium Clipper comes equipped with the new DLC replacement blade (FX8010D) and a new diamond-textured rubber handle, making it more comfortable to use. NEW High Speed, high torque Brushless Motor- 6800...

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  • BabylissPro LithiumFX+ Clipper

    The LithiumFX+ Cord/Cordless Clipper features a long-life ball bearing DC 6500 RPM motor and an ergonomic grip housing. Use it corded or cordless – the lithium-ion battery provides sustained power and performance at all charge levels. Features...

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  • BabylissPro Lo-ProFX Clipper

    The LO-PROFX clippers feature an Ultra-low profile metal shield cover and ergonomic grip housing. It's powered by a high-performance brushless 6,800 RPM motor with a high-capacity 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery. The design and power is completed by arming...

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  • BabylissPro FX3 Clipper

    The FX3 Collection is the 3rd generation of Ferrari-powered products from BabylissPro. Every item features advanced high-torque brushless engines, ultra-sleek ergonomic European housings, and a unique embedded carbon texture grip surface...

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  • Babyliss Clipper & Trimmer Set - Gold & Black

    Limited edition Babyliss Clipper and Trimmer set! Get the Babyliss Gold Clipper, with a black graphite fade blade, and the Babyliss Gold Skeleton trimmer with a black graphite deep-tooth 2.0 blade. Both are gold with black face plates. A great value set,...

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  • Babyliss Steel FXF880 Clipper

    The SteelFX has a high-integrity, all metal housing that harnesses a 9,000 rpm supercharged, Ferrari-designed pivot engine. The power and speed drive a high-carbon stainless steel blade with an adjustable 5-detent taper control. The Steel FX has the...

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  • BabylissPro FXCord

    Did you lose your BabylissPro cord?  The FXCord is a replacement for all FX870, FX825, FX788 and FX787 models. - Class 2 power supply- 9 feet long - Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A - Output: 4.5V DC 1200mA Intended for use in the USA.  FXCORD-320

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  • Babyliss BlackFX Cordless Clipper

    BabylissPro celebrates beauty in all its forms, and is committed to supporting and promoting visionary artist in every industry. The BlackFX is featuring Stay Gold Sofie Pok! Features: -DLC/Titanium Taper Blade -5 - Detent Taper Control -High-Torque,...

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