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Hair Twist Devices

  • Curl Sponge Glove

    Now the amazing convenience of a hair sponge on a fitted glove!  Cover more space and have more control to style specific areas with the Curl Sponge Glove. Durable for multiple uses.  All black.  One size fits most.   Choose if...

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  • NuTwist Hair Sponge - Large

    The NuTwist Hair Sponge is a light weight hair sculpting tool designed to create flawless coils, curls, and for some – starter locs with ease. This black sponge comes with large holes.

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  • Twist It Up

    Twist It Up is the new hair innovation to get twists in 3 minutes.  Better than sponges because it is more sanitary, does not come apart with use and does a better job. The sponges are cheaper but they wear out quicker and cannot be properly...

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  • Twurls Twist n' Curl Glove

    What makes this glove worth it?  Simple: it is washable!, It is ambidextrous so you can use on either hand, and it works! Twurls Glove provides very detailed, noticeable, and heightened sculpted twist and curls to otherwise normal hair, whether...

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