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  • ABBS Gold Comb - Stainless Steel

    A great professional barber Comb, strong durable but lightweight, anti-static, and made of stainless steel (coated in a gold color). This comb has holes to reduce weight. Choose:  Styling comb or Handle/Rake Comb Styling Comb - 8" long, 1"...

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  • ABBS Flattop Comb

    ABBS Flattop Combs are durable with the perfect give thank to it's synthetic rubber material. Manufactured by the Krest Comb company. Krest has been producing quality combs since 1958. Choose from 2 Different styles: The ABBS Handle Flattop Comb &...

    $1.00 - $10.00
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  • Oster Combs

    The Oster Comb offers the quality you expect from Oster. These combs are chemical and heat resistant, and static free for long lasting performance. Choose from: Finisher (left), Styling (center), Flattop (right)    

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  • ABBS Barber Comb

    The perfect barber/taper comb.  Durable with the perfect give thank to it's synthetic rubber material.  Manufactured by the Krest Comb company.  Krest has been producing quality combs since 1958.   This comb is 7" long with a...

    $0.75 - $7.00
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  • Swan Unbreakable Barber Comb

    This is a very unique 6 1/2 inch curved barber comb. Comb has a curved design, with a progressive taper and it is very flexible.  Comb moves easily with the shape of a client's head.  A very useful tool for any professional. The Swan Beauty...

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  • Flash Comb from The Rich Barber

    A new LED light up comb, to assist you in giving precision cuts and fades! Step your game up and add a light touch to your hair-cutting arsenal. A water-proof comb with a detachable LED light pack that provides direct light to detail, fade, and perfect...

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  • Black Ice Carbon Combs

    Black Ice Carbon combs are made of durable carbon composite to provide strength but still be light weight.  These are professional combs.Features:- heat and static resistant- smooth tips to prevent damage- designed for all hair types/textures-...

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  • ProEdge Comb by Denman

    The ProEdge Comb is a comb designed by Robert Wagner, with a unique cutting ledge for fast and accurate scissor and clipper cutting.-Accurately positions cutting tool for a smoother, steadier cut-Prevents scissor/clipper from slipping -Improves...

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  • Barber Sense Sandalwood Pick

    The Barber Sense Sandalwood Beard Comb is made from natural high quality wood and a great addition to any grooming regimen. Featuring a comb width for a variety of hair textures and lengths. The perfect tool to define your beard style and prevent...

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  • Pegasus Hard Rubber Combs - 5 Sizes

    Finally, an affordable hard rubber comb! The new Pegasus combs feature all the best features of hard rubber without the high price. Starting at only $5.95 - about half the price of comparable Hard Rubber Combs: Seamless teeth - no cuticle damage Saw cut...

    $5.95 - $8.95
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  • Combined Fade Brush/Comb by Vincent

    The Vincent Combined Fade Brush/Comb Combo. One side is a gentle nylon brush and the other is a fine comb. Combined Fade Brush Combined with a comb - our fade brush makes it perfect for skin fading. The nylon bristles and comb will gently remove cut...

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