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  • Agadir Shave Gel

    Agadir Men's Invisible shave gel for precision lineups is specifically formulated with the highest quality ingredients to deliver a flawless shave, edge or lineup experience.  The luxurious smooth feel means the razor glides effortlessly across skin...

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  • ABBS Shave Set - Razor, Brush, Stand & Bowl

    Our new shave set is great quality and a tremendous value.  For the price of what some companies charge for just the shave brush you get: 1- Wood handle shave brush with a generous amount of soft synthetic bristle.  Feels and looks just...

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  • Osma Block Alum

    Relief after a rough shave is only a few moments away. The Osma Alum Block contains antiseptic and astringent properties that soothe nicks and cuts. Made with 100% pure crystalline, the product reduces razor burns so that skin is smooth and refreshed...

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  • Styptic - Powder Or Liquid

    Styptic stops bleeding from shaving nics and cuts. Apply powder or liquid directly to nics and cuts to slow and stop bleeding. Choose: Powder or Liquid. $2.95 each Buy a dozen and save money - $29.00/dz

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  • Parker Black Mango Wood Shaving Bowl

    A handmade bowl made from genuine mango wood.  Mango wood is a renewable resource — it comes from the same tree that bears the popular fruit. Mango Wood can take a beating and retain it’s beauty. After using, simply leave the lid off to...

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  • ABBS Metal Beard Tool

    From the ABBS line - a metal beard shaping tool.  Ideal for shaping beard line above cheek, neckline, jawline and more.  Large and small side combs for quick trim and groom details while doing your up close beard work.   The ABBS brand...

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  • Scalpmaster Beard Tool

    Beard Styling Tool SC9293 This unique tool helps easily shape and groom perfect symmetrical facial hair. Can be used for the neckline, cheek line, jaw line, and goatee.  

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  • Campbell's Shave Cream PRE-MIXED 12oz.

    Campbell's pre-mixed shaving cream is precisely measured in lab to get perfect results every time from your Latherking lather machine (or comparable Andis or Lathertime machines).  Just shake the bottle and add the mixture to your machine.  No...

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  • Tomb45 Shave Gel

    The Tomb45 Shave Gel is designed by Barbers for Barbers! Our squeezable bottles allow you to apply the gel directly from the bottle while not wasting any product!  The clear bottle allows you to see how much you have left at all times. Aloe Vera...

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  • Razor & Shear Stand By Jatai

    The JATAI Razor + Shear Stand is a great way to display your tools. Whether it's a straight razor, double edge razor or shears, this stand allows you to show off your beautiful tools! It's chrome plated with a simple design. Display your tools at shop,...

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