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Andis Clipper Blades

  • Andis Pivot Clipper Replacement Blade PM-1

    This blade fits the Andis Clipper sold in the Pivot Clipper/Trimmer combo set.  They were sold in several colors through the years, including: Black, Silver and Blue.Replacement blade for Andis models: PM-1 PM-2 PM-4 Model #22995

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  • Andis Ceramic Edge Blades

    Andis CeramicEdge dramatically reduces friction allowing blades to run cooler longer (compared to all steel blades). The result: your blades need sharpening less frequently and you don't have a hot blade near your customers' skin. These blades will fit...

    $29.40 - $36.75
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  • Andis ReVite Replacement Taper Blade

    Complete replacement Taper blade assembly includes Stainless-Steel blades, blade bracket, blade drive and lever arm. Snaps on to any reVITE Clipper. Adjusts from 000-1This is the blade that comes standard on the White Revite clipper but perfectly fits on...

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  • Andis Master Ceramic Blade - 22 Teeth

    Replacement blade for the original Andis Master Corded Clippers (ML). This blade comes with a ceramic cutting blade, meant to stay sharper and cooler than most standard stainless steel blades.  Leaves hair 1/50-3/32" (0.5-2.4mm) Adjusts from...

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  • Andis Master Cordless Blade

    Standard blade for Andis Master Cordless ClipperFEATURES • Carbon-steel for dependable, long-life blade that stays sharp • Original replacement for Master® Cordless Adjustable Blade Clipper • Adjusts from 000-1  PRODUCT...

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  • Andis Cordless Master Fade Blade

    These blades are for the Andis Cordless Master.  They are more expensive than the standard Master blades because they include the blade drive piece on the back of the cutting blade.  Best for Fading and tapering on Master® Cordless...

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  • Andis Pro Alloy Fade Blade

    Andis Pro Alloy (XTR) Fade Blade Fading and tapering on AAC-1 ProAlloy model clipper High quality carbon steel for long life. • Provides smooth cuts and effortless gliding through any hair type without streaking. • Blade adjusts from #00000 to...

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  • Andis Pro Alloy XTR Blade

    Andis Blade for Pro Alloy XTR Clipper High quality carbon steel for long life. Provides smooth cuts and effortless gliding through any hair type without streaking.

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  • Andis Envy US-1 Blade

    Andis blade fits all US-1 Clippers: Envy (red), Fade Envy (gold), Maven (blue swirl), Stylist Combo Envy (black), Barber Combo (gray), etc. Made in USA #66240

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  • Andis Ultra Edge Blades

    Andis Ultra Edge Blades are designed to run cooler, cut sharper and fit ANY professional detachable blade clipper from Andis, Oster or Wahl. Fits Turbo 111 Clippers (50 series) or any 76 blade clipper. Choose the blade from the drop down menu to see the...

    $21.95 - $48.08
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