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Spray Bottles

  • Andis Spray Bottle - Continuous Spray

    All black spray bottle with white Andis logo. Features:  -Minimal sound while spraying -Large spray pattern with even distribution -Fine droplet size -Prolonged/Continuous Spray -Dosed Spray -360° Spraying...

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  • Dispenser Bottle - Alcohol 8oz

    Sanitation is more important than ever.  Organization and proper labeling of products will keep you more organized and give your clients confidence in your processes.  This 8oz. Alcohol dispenser bottle has a twist top so you can administer...

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  • Spray Bottle - Barber Jack 20 oz.

    Great looking spray bottle.  Reminiscent of a whiskey bottle.  Amber brown with black spray pump.  Holds 20oz - more capacity than most spray bottles.  Plus, the square base makes the bottle extra stable on the counter top.  

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  • Spray Bottle - Powder

    Many states have outlawed Neck Duster use in shops, so you need a good finish to a cut.  We have a solution - a dispenser for powder.  Dries the neck and leaves the client smelling great. No need to pay for expensive brands of powder that come...

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  • Spray Bottle Continuous Spray Barber Pole Print

    Great looking barber pole print on a white bottle.  This is a 10oz continuous spray bottle from Performance Brands, Inc.  If you have not tried the continous spray bottles they are awesome.  Once squeeze will dispense lots of liquid until...

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  • Travel Kit - 4 Bottles

    A great value on a travel kit from Tolco.  TSA approved 4 clear 3oz. plastic bottles.  Color coded tops for easy identification.  Perfect for Shampoos, Conditioners, Lotions, Creams, Water, Oil, Spritz and more.  Fill these from your...

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