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  • ABBS Razor - Black 2.0

    The ABBS Black Razor 2.0 gives you more exposed blade for barbers who want to work with more blade than a standard razor.  This quality, proven razor is like our traditional black razor but offers a full 2mm of exposed blade (see image).  Many...

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  • Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor Handle Cover

    COVER YOUR TREASURED FEATHER TOOLS. Protect your razor from travel, transport and everyday hazards with a safe cover for your SS Straight Razor Head. It is designed to keep your razor in tip-top shape and preserve your investment so that it lasts forever...

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  • Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor

    EXPLORE THE WORLD OF FEATHER STRAIGHT HANDLE SHAVING RAZORS! It’s all part of experiencing the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razors from the Feather series (uses 5 different blades). The beautiful straight handle design, optimal blade exposure...

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  • ABBS Razor - Black & Gold

    The ABBS Black & Gold Razor is a "push" type razor, meaning you use your thumb to push the razor tray out of the end of the razor for loading and unloading 1/2 of a Double Edged blade.   The tray can be pushed out partially for easy use or...

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  • ABBS Straight Razor

    Want a good quality straight razor without spending $100+?  ABBS has sourced a beautiful genuine horn straight razor with quality steel at a great price.  Made of genuine horn of buffalo this vintage straight razor is a high carbon steel with a...

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  • Wood Handle "Gate" Razor - Two Wood Choices

    An all new razor design that features a wood handle paired with an aluminum alloy razor holder/shank that uses a full double edge blade.  The design eliminates the need to "half" double edge blades or use the small 1/2 blades.  The unique...

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  • ABBS Wood Handle Razor

    The ABBS wood handle razor is a new, unique razor style that features a genuine wood handle with grooves cut into the wood for superb grip. The stainless steel metal shank and hold accomodates 1/2 of any double edge blade.  The "scissor style"...

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  • Dovo Shavette Razor Black Wood Handle

    The DOVO Shavette is a straight razor with interchangeable blades. It can be used just like a classic straight razor. The possibility to change the blade makes it extremely popular at barbershops since every customer receives a fresh blade. This Shavette...

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  • Feather Nape & Body Razor Kit

    Includes a Feather Nape & Body Razor, 10pk of Nape Blades and 2oz. JATAI Blade Glide. A great value for all thats included.  Perfect for shaving the neckline, sideburns, eyebrows and bikini line. Great for facial outlining Replaceable blades...

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  • ABBS Premium Razor - All Black

    New Premium All Black ABBS razor. Replaceable blade razor (1/2 of double edge blade). High quality, Ergonomic design for precise control. Features: - Insert blade either by pinching razor spine and inserting - very easy to load! - Removable spring loaded...

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  • Personna Eyebrow Razor - 3 Pack

    Forget about painful plucking or other old-fashioned, costly ways to shape eyebrows. Use Eyebrow Shaper to create perfectly shaped eyebrows with its unique system of wire-wrapped blades. Also great for grooming excess hair from delicate areas of the body...

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