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  • ABBS Razor - Black 2.0

    The ABBS Black Razor 2.0 gives you more exposed blade for barbers who want to work with more blade than a standard razor.  This quality, proven razor is like our traditional black razor but offers a full 2mm of exposed blade (see image).  Full...

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  • Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor Handle Cover

    COVER YOUR TREASURED FEATHER TOOLS. Protect your razor from travel, transport and everyday hazards with a safe cover for your SS Straight Razor Head. It is designed to keep your razor in tip-top shape and preserve your investment so that it lasts forever...

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  • ABBS Razor - Black & Gold

    The ABBS Black & Gold Razor is a "push" type razor, meaning you use your thumb to push the razor tray out of the end of the razor for loading and unloading 1/2 of a Double Edged blade.   The tray can be pushed out partially for easy use or...

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  • ABBS Straight Razor

    Want a good quality straight razor without spending $100+?  ABBS has sourced a beautiful genuine horn straight razor with quality steel at a great price.  Made of genuine horn of buffalo this vintage straight razor is a high carbon steel with a...

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  • Wood Handle "Gate" Razor - Two Wood Choices

    An all new razor design that features a wood handle paired with an aluminum alloy razor holder/shank that uses a full double edge blade.  The design eliminates the need to "half" double edge blades or use the small 1/2 blades.  The unique...

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  • ABBS Wood Handle Razor

    The ABBS wood handle razor is a new, unique razor style that features a genuine wood handle with grooves cut into the wood for superb grip. The stainless steel metal shank and hold accomodates 1/2 of any double edge blade.  The "scissor style"...

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  • Dovo Shavette Razor Black Wood Handle

    The DOVO Shavette is a straight razor with interchangeable blades. It can be used just like a classic straight razor. The possibility to change the blade makes it extremely popular at barbershops since every customer receives a fresh blade. This Shavette...

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  • Feather Nape & Body Razor Kit

    Includes a Feather Nape & Body Razor, 10pk of Nape Blades and 2oz. JATAI Blade Glide. A great value for all thats included.  Perfect for shaving the neckline, sideburns, eyebrows and bikini line. Great for facial outlining Replaceable blades...

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  • ABBS Premium Razor - All Black

    New Premium All Black ABBS razor. Replaceable blade razor (1/2 of double edge blade). High quality, Ergonomic design for precise control. Features: - Insert blade either by pinching razor spine and inserting - very easy to load! - Removable spring loaded...

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  • Personna Eyebrow Razor - 3 Pack

    Forget about painful plucking or other old-fashioned, costly ways to shape eyebrows. Use Eyebrow Shaper to create perfectly shaped eyebrows with its unique system of wire-wrapped blades. Also great for grooming excess hair from delicate areas of the body...

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