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  • Andis Beauty Master+

    • Magnetic motor clipper cuts wet or dry hair.• Stylish, polished chrome finish.• 17 oz. clipper is balanced; ergonomic design feels smaller and lighter in your hand .• Quiet...

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  • Andis BG Premium Guard Set

    Andis BG Series Premium metal clip guard set.   7 pcs - sizes #0(1/16"), #1(1/8"), #2(1/4"), #3(3/8"),#4(1/2"),#6(3/4"),#8(1") Fits BG series blades (Ultra and Ceramic Edge detachable...

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  • Andis BGR-V Cord Pack

    Last chance to get a cord pack for your BGR clipper.  They are no long made but we have stock - while supplies last.  This cord pack can fit on any BGR model! Andis BGR-V 5 speed...

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  • Andis Blade Care Plus Spray

    Washes away hair, buildup and preservative that accumulate on clipper blades Seven-in-One: Vitamin E enriched and works as a coolant, deodorizer, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventative and...

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  • Andis Blade Zero Gapper

    Easily adjusts blades to achieve a closer shave or lineup. Requires only a screwdriver to zero gap blade.  Designed to easily adjust Andis Outliner, T-Outliner and Styliner blades #04521,...

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  • Andis Bonnet Dryer

    The Bonnet Dryer is best for setting styles and creating manageble hair at a lower heat setting. • The Andis Bonnet Hair Dryer is perfect for setting styles and creating manageable hair at a...

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  • Andis CeramicEdge Blades

    Andis CeramicEdge Blades are the lastest and greatest innovation in the clipper blade industry. The ceramic cutting blade dramatically reduces friction allowing blades to run cooler longer. The...

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  • Andis Comb Large

    This Andis comb is 8.5" long and has both coarse and fine teeth. The comb is the same width for the entire length (does not taper). Durable but not too hard. The teeth feel nice on the head but don't...

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  • Andis Comb Taper

    This taper comb from Andis is 7" long and has both coarse and fine teeth. Flexible but durable, the comb strikes a nice balance between comfort and durability. Color: Grey

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