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Wahl Trimmers

  • Wahl 5 Star Shaver

    Wahl 5 Star Shaver

     The Ultimate Finishing Tool  More than just a shaver, this finishing tool offers an appealing aesthetic in addition to top-notch precision. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep the rotary motor running at full speed for up to 60...

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  • Wahl AC Trimmer

    Wahl AC Trimmer

    This durable, dependable, and undoubtedly powerful corded trimmer is the perfect tool for beginning barbers and stylists. The AC Trimmer is an electromagnetic motor powered trimmer with a scoop nose design for superior blade visibility. This trimmer is...

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  • Wahl Beret Cordless Trimmer

    Wahl Beret Cordless Trimmer

    The New Wahl Beret is a Lithium-Ion Trimmer that gives you the convenient feature of both cord and cordless use and is powered by a lithium ion battery for a 2 hour run time. The snap on blades provide high precision accuracy for a clean line...

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  • Wahl ChroMini Pro T-Cut Trimmer

    The Wahl Chromini Pro Trimmer offers the latest in cordless trimmer advancements along with proven engineering from German made blades. Features include: 120 min. charge time and 100 min. continuous use time from NiMH battery. Detachable blade for quick,...

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  • Wahl Detailer 5 Star Trimmer

    Wahl Detailer 5 Star Trimmer

    The all new Detailer sets the standard for trimmer power. Features a powerful rotary motor in a durable, yet lightweight case. T-shaped blades adjust to zero overlap. The new blade is wider by 1/4" for more cutting power in less time. This trimmer...

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  • Wahl Detailer Gold Limited Edition

    Wahl Detailer Gold Limited Edition

    The professional barber’s favorite precision trimmer: the 5 Star Detailer. This tool is designed for extremely close trimming, creating crisp clean lines, facial hair detailing and design, and detailed hair tattooing. Equipped with a t-wide blade...

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  • Wahl Detailer Trimmer Black

    Wahl Detailer Trimmer in black/chrome. MOTOR ROTARY UNIT WEIGHT 6.9 OZ. UNIT LENGTH 5" BLADE 1062-600  - NOTE - not the T wide blade that comes on the Burgundy colored Detailer CORD 8 FOOT PROFESSIONAL GRADE, CHEMICAL...

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  • Wahl Detailer Trimmer Cordless

    Wahl Detailer Trimmer Cordless

    Cordless Detailer   Detachable T-Wide Blade, excellent for precision lining and artwork (and easy cleaning!)Equipped with a taper lever. Go from trim to line in seconds! Ideal for Placement Fading! IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LEVER ON THIS UNIT:...

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  • Wahl Finale Shaver - Lithium Ion

    Wahl Finale Shaver - Lithium Ion

    It's here!  The Wahl 5 Star Finale Shaver.   The Ultimate Finishing Tool.   Featuring all of the advantages that made the regular 5 star shaver great: - Cord/Cordless - Rotary Motor - Bump-free/Hypoallergenic gold foil - PLUS Lithium...

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  • Wahl Finale Shaver Foil

    Shaver Foil only for the new Wahl Finale Lithium Ion shaver.  Super Close foil ensures a close shave.  Gold plating for a hypoallergenic shave.  (also now available with cutter)

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