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  • Metal Barber Pole Sign Set

    The Vincent metal barber pole sign is a throwback to the classic metal, wall mounted poles.  This great looking half circle "pole" can be wall mounted for great advertising visablity at a reasonable price.   Set includes one pole top and...

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  • Open Sign w/ Shear LED Sign

    Bright LED sign with the word "Open" in the color red with a pair of blinking shears in Green/White colors. Draw attention to your storefront with an icon shear that blinks.    19x10x1 4ft CordWarranty: 6 month warranty from ABBS for any...

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  • Barber Shop Open - LED Sign

    Bright LED sign. Green and Red "Barber Shop Open" letters stay lit while the Blue border constantly moves around rapidly in a circle to grab attention. LED bulbs provide approximately 20,000 of use - almost 5 years of workdays (after that the sign is...

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  • Walk-ins Welcome - LED Sign

    Multi-colored, animated, indoor, LED sign. Will help grab clients’ attention and increase traffic to your barbershop. Ready-to-hang with 2 metal hang loops and chain. 4-1/2 ft. cord. 10"H x 19"W x 3/4"D

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  • Will Return Clock Sign

    Will Return At Sign with Clock A clear way to communicate with clients when you will be available.  Classic barber design features a clock with adjustable hands. Perfect for lunch breaks or after hours to show when you will reopen.  Easily...

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  • Solid Gold International Barber Book  Vol. 9

    World Famous International Solid Gold Barber Magazine.  Vol. 9 The hottest cuts from around the world.  This is not a standard magazine.  This full color style guide features 259 pages of the latest men's styles:  African American,...

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  • Barber Pole Decal - Barber Pole "Barbers"

    Barber Pole Decal with the traditional red white and blue stripes, with the word "Barbers" in the center.  This is a decal made to sick on the outside of the window. It is a traditional "sticker" type decal and not a "cling" type.  So you can...

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  • Barber Pole Decal - Large - New!

    A great looking Barber Pole Decal with an updated/modern pole image.  Red/Blue stripe pole graphic gets attention in a window.   Measures 36"long x 8"wide.  Made of durable "cling" vinyl to stick to inside of window facing out.  Can...

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  • Barbershop Walkins Welcome Sign

    This great looking sign will draw attention to your shop without you having to spend a fortune.   Barbershop Walkins Welcome is a great attention getter.   Red, White and Blue like the iconic barber pole.  This single sided sign...

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  • Barber Wanted Sign

    Need a barber or two to fill your shop?  Finding good folks can be hard.  You need to advertise everywhere and anywhere you can.  You never know if the right person is walking or driving by.  This BARBER WANTED sign can go in your...

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  • Barber Shop Decal

    BARBER SHOP DECAL - A replica of the famous old Marvy  Barber Shop Sign Cling decal can be easily removed and placed in another location. 17.5" x 12" tall.

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