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  • Barbicide Hand Sanitizing Gel

    You work with people's hair and faces so you know that frequent sanitizing of your hands is vital to prevent cross contamination and illness.  Barbicide - a brand you trust now has a 16fl oz. pump gel so you can sanitize on the go.  This 70%...

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  • Barbicide Wipes

    Time is money and Barbicide Disinfecting Wipes maximize both! These economical, easy to use disinfecting wipes are EPA registered hospital grade and have a 2 minute contact time assuring your salon, spa or barbershop meet sanitation and disinfection...

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  • Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup Kit

    Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup Kit.  Keep one on hand for accidents and emergencies.   Kit comes in a compact cardboard box and includes: Complies with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 29 CFR 1910.1030 7353 Kit Includes: 1 -Pair...

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  • Sani-Sentor 101

    Combines wet sanitizing and dry implement storage with magnetic panel for easy storage of clipper blades, tweezers, shears, etc. Three tier base unit is 8" deep and 9" wide, and made of durable high impact resistant plastic. Lower tier specially designed...

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  • Ship Shape Cleaner 2 lb.

    Ship Shape Powder safely cleans combs and brushes to make them "like new." Periodic use keeps your important tools Ship-Shape. This multipurpose cleaner quickly dissolves styling product build-up on combs, brushes, rollers, fixtures and solid surfaces...

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