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  • Comedo Extractor

    This precision Lancet/Extractor or Comedo Extractor (as some professionals call it) is made of stainless steel for easy and thorough disinfecting. Single loop on one end for removing both blackheads and whiteheads hygenically.  The other end is a...

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  • Comedo Facial Extractor Tool Kit

      Interchangeable, facial tool kit in a deluxe case. This device is the perfect professional tool kit for safe and sanitary removal or blackheads and whiteheads. The kit comes with 9 interchangeable heads and a handle. Contains:  A. Lancet...

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  • Compressed Facial Sponges by Artist Choice

    These compressed facial sponges are thin, perfect for storage and portability, but expand when you add in water. These sponges are great for facials, mask, and deep scrubs. -These are disposable -The pack is for 100 sponges. 

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  • Eyebrow Razor - By Tinkle

    Removes hair from eyebrow, face, neck, and elsewhere. Plastic holder with stainless blade. The blade features a guard that enables anyone to use it without cutting skin. Sold individually.  Assorted colors (sample colors shown at left).

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  • Grooming Kit - Mustache/Beard

    This compact grooming kit by Fromm makes a great shop retail item. Kit includes short scissor and very small, fine tooth comb - both are perfect for mustache and beard detail work. They come in a cool looking mustache shaped travel bag. Lifetime warranty...

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  • Seki Edge Toenail Clippers

    These are seriously the best nail cutters you will EVER use!  These toenail clippers have sharp edges so they leave clean cuts. Once you handle these toenail clippers you will notice its durablity and solid composition. The sleek look of the toenail...

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  • Tweezer - Slanted/Pointed

    Stainless steel tweezer features a combination tip - slanted for all purpose tweezing and pointed for removal of fine hairs and new growth. Size: 4"  Stainless Steel

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