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Cutting Capes

  • Cutting Cape - All Purpose

    A convienient way for your client to have their hands free to use.  Convenient arm slits keep hands free Bleach, chemical, and color proof polyester Waterproof coating Anti-static nano material Snap closure 45" W x 58" L Machine...

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  • ABBS Grooming Collar

    The ABBS Grooming Collar is a lightweight all silicone collar that protects clients from getting water or dyes onto their clothing/capes. It's designed to be water resistant, and easily sanitizable. Simply drape the collar over the cape and secure with...

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  • Cutting Cape - Stylecraft Gamma+

    The new Stylecraft/Gamma+ cutting cape is a versatile cape that meets all your needs:Waterproof, breathable, lightweight material. Adjustable closure to fit all neck sizes. Oversized design offers full coverage for all sizes. Print features...

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  • Cutting Cape - Barber Strong Gold Stripes

    The Barber Cape is engineered with static-reducing NanoShield carbon fiber infused material, extra length in the back and an elastic neckband to keep client’s cool & comfortable. BENEFITS • Carbon fiber infused NanoShield material for...

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  • ABBS Barber Cutting Cape

    New to the ABBS line! An all black cape with silicone snap closure neck. The silicone neck closure is great for keeping water and hair off of clients.  Why silicone at the neck of the cape?  Simply put it creates a more comfortable, secure...

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  • Cutting Cape - Seer Sucker

    Striped, crinkled material for a cool cut, comfortable fit, and classic look. The Classic Seer Sucker Cutting Cape features a snap collar and is available in black and white, red and white, or navy and white 45" x 55" Snap Closure

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  • Cutting Cape - Cricket NeoSupreme

    The New NeoSupreme Cutting cape from Cricket is unique.  It offers a comfort collar with Neoprene for amazing client comfort. Features: Water resistant polyester/carbon blend material Super soft neoprene neck for added comfort Static...

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  • Cutting Capes - NFL Teams

    New NFL Team Capes.  Officially licsensed capes. Great looking designs to support your favorite NFL teams. Features: - 61" long x 55" wide.  This is a nice, big cape. - 100% polyester is lightweight but durable - Snap closure on neck. ...

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  • Cutting Cape - Seer Sucker Solid Black

    The Seersucker Barber Cape From Betty Dain Creations.  Now in Solid Black! This is a good quality, water resistant cape made from lightweight polyester.  The seersucker finish gives the cape a crinkle look and feel that hides wrinkles and...

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