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  • Babyliss All In One Spray

    BaBylissPRO® All in One Clipper Spray gives you the benefit of five different functions in one formula. Apply to clippers, trimmers, and shears before, during or after use. The large 15.5 oz. aerosol can lasts a long time! Disinfects: Formulated to...

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  • Clippercide Spray

    Germicidal, Fungicidal, Pseudomonicidal, Virucidal, and Tuberculocidal. 5 in 1 formula disinfects, lubricates (not an oil substitute), cleans, cools and inhibits rust. For use on all clipper/trimmer blades. IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT ship to...

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  • Hand Sanitizer - Agadir 8oz Spray

    Agadir Hand Sanitizer Spray.  8oz Spray BottleHigh quality - very light frangrance.  Doesn't leave hands feeling weird or with residue, but does lightly moisturize thanks to Argan Oil.  o    Micro Mist for easy,...

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  • Hand Sanitizer - Fantasia 6oz Spray

    Hand Sanitizer - 6oz. Pump Spray Bottle - Liquid dispenses in effecient mist form.  Covers hands quickly and thoroughly and 6oz bottle lasts.  Max. Strength 80% alcohol - Fragrance Free.  Leaves your hands feeling great without any weird...

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  • Oster Disinfectant Spray

    Germicidal, Fungicidal, Staphylocidal, Pseudomonacidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal. Effective against Mycobacterium bovia (BCG) when used undiluted at a contact time of 10 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius. Kills HIV-1 (under strict conditions - see package...

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  • Ship-Shape Cleaner Spray Bottle

    Ship-Shape from the makers of Barbicide. This 32oz spray bottle contains a good smelling cleaner that will effectively clean surfaces and appliances in your shop or salon. This versatile cleaner removes sticky hair spray residue and cleans mirror/glass...

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  • Wahl Clini Clip Disinfectant Spray

    Wahl Clini Clip is a clipper blade cleaner and disinfectant in an 8oz pump spray bottle.  This highly effective cleaner and disinfectant kills a wide range of viruses including HIV, tuberculosis, ringworm and swine flu.  Works completely with 2...

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