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  • Barber Shop Appointment Book

    3 Column Barber Appointment Book Do you take appointments?  If so, keeping a book can make sure you don't miss anything.  Phones and apps are nice but nothing can replace the easy of seeing a day/week or months worth of business by simply...

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  • Sharps Container

    This 1 quart Sharps Container is perfect for your razor blade disposal.  A convenient, safe way to throw out used blades without putting them in the trash can.   Small footprint doesn't take up too much counter space, yet holds a lot of...

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  • Clubman Styptic Powder

    Clubman Nick Safe is a styptic powder that can be applied to minor surface cuts and abrasions that occur during shaving. Apply liberally after shaving to slow and stop bleeding. .25 oz (more than twice as large as competitor vial size)

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  • Towels - Cotton Terry White - Essentials28PRO

    The Essentials28PRO White Cotton Towel - Save money with a good shop towel at a great price. This 2.8lb, high quality cotton towel from Protex will hold up to repeated use. Package includes 1 dozen towels. White Cotton Terry Towel (15" x...

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  • Campbell's Lather Cleaner

    Campbell's Lather King cleaner. Add a small amount to each batch of lather soap to keep your machine clean and running well. Regular use will reduce clogging and poor performance. 8oz. bottle.   IMPORTANT NOTE: This ORM-D item CANNOT ship to HI,...

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  • Towels - Cotton Terry White Deluxe - LUX3

    The Llux3 Cotton towel from Protex is our best quality shop towel. This 3lb towel is thicker, heavier and has a softer feel than any comparable barber/salon towel on the market at this price.  Made of 100% premium ring spun cotton yarn, these towels...

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  • Towels - Cotton Terry Black

    The Protex "Edge" towel in Jet Black.   Great quality in a medium weight towel (2.5 lb) at a very fair price.  Features: - 1 dozen towels in package - 100% cotton terry cloth - fluffy even after coming out of the compressed bag...

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  • Flattopper

    The Original flattop tool from Brian Drumm, Scotland's leading hair stylist. This tool helps you execute the classic 50's hairstyle thanks to the built in leveler bubble. Designed to give a fast, accurate cut without guessing if the hair is...

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