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  • Amy Manikin - 100% Human Hair

    Amy Manikin is a great value for this much human hair.  Manikin prices have shot up over the past few years so finding one with some length and volume at less than the $50 price point is hard.  Beware on some sites the pricing is a little...

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  • Aiden Manikin

    Aiden is a male manikin with 100% Human Hair Premium Special Features: Top-quality hair for more accurate and vibrant color and bleaching results Custom implantation mimics natural human hair growth pattern.  Long hair front and back for realistic...

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  • Male Beard Manikin

    16"-18" bearded male manikin. This manikin is made of 60% human hair and 40% camel hair.  Level 4 Brown, 21.5" headHigh quality and suitable for any cut or styling use.  The 60/40 blend enables the manufacturer to offer a reasonable priced,...

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  • Jasmine Manikin

    Jasmine Manikin 16"-17" Dark Brown. 100% human hair with natural neck. Perfect for styling, cutting and coloring.E-805

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