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  • Smith + Scott Micro Razor - Finger Loop

    The new Smith + Scott razors are high quality, innovative, professional shaving razors.  Using small (micro) blades, the razor is ideal for detail work with sharp precision.  This razor model features a finger loop for control for those who...

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  • Tomb45 Triple Cartridge Razor

    Are you tired of razors that barely have any blade exposed?  We have the answer - Introducing the first razor handle to include 3 different inserts to match your style:  super exposed , exposed and regular exposure blade cartridges are included...

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  • Razor & Shear Stand By Jatai

    The JATAI Razor + Shear Stand is a great way to display your tools. Whether it's a straight razor, double edge razor or shears, this stand allows you to show off your beautiful tools! It's chrome plated with a simple design. Display your tools at shop,...

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  • Paddle Razor by Vincent

    Double Edge Paddle RazorVT300-7   Uses double-edge blades WITHOUT needing to half! Heavy high-quality aluminum! Plastic handle with wood print Rust and tarnish resistant No need to snap double-edge blades, just flip open. More safe and...

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  • Feather Artist Club SS Scotch Wood Razor

    The FEATHER Artist Club SS Scotch Wood Razor is the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razor made with the strictest pursuit of perfection in razor shaving. The head is made of SUS317 stainless steel which enables smooth shaving and resists heat,...

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  • Dovo Shavette Olive Wood Handle Razor

    Black aluminum with Olive Wood handle Dovo shavette. Comes with 2 disposable long blade holder inserts (black) and 1 disposable short blade insert (clear). Use any double edge replacement blade for short blade or #2114 for long blade. Replacement blade...

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  • Personna Hair Shaper Razor

    The Personna Hair Shaper razor is a great all metal razor holder that includes a guard that can be used or removed.  You get 1 folding hair shaping razor with 1 pack of stainless steel hair shaper blades (5 pack)Features:• Designed and...

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  • Dovo Shavette Razor Metal Handle

    The Dovo Shavette is the ultimate in replaceable blade razor shaving.  Lightweight but durable metal handle.  This razor gives you the look and feel of a traditional straight razor but with the sanitation and ease of a replaceable blade...

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  • Diane Razor #204

    Diane #204 Razor Holder. - Black plastic handle - metal slide out razor holder - uses 1/2 of your favorite double edge blade Includes 2 free blades  

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  • Feather Plier Razor

    The FEATHER® Plier™ Razor is the most advanced replacement blade hairstyling razor in the world without a guard. Designed for the purest at heart, the Plier™ is a thin, lightweight razor with impeccable balance. Every aspect of the razor...

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  • ABBS Razor Notched

    We have not been able to locate a"notched" razor at a fair price so we had our razor manufacturer make one for the ABBS line.  "Notched" simply means the blade is recessed into the body of the blade holder.  This makes for safer shaving and...

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