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  • Oster Fast Feed Blades

    Your choice of two blades for your #23-51 Fast Feed Clipper.  The specially designed lower blade allows hair to flow into the cutting blades for fast and accurate cutting. The convenient...

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  • Oster Fast Feed Clipper

    This sleek, adjustable-blade clipper works through cut after cut quickly and effortlessly with a powerful Whisper Quiet™ pivot motor. The Fast Feed® clipper keeps noise level down and...

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  • Oster Fast Feed Guard Set

    This genuine Oster guard set is designed to fit your Fast Feed (and models: 023, 830,946 and 956 adjustable clippers).  8 pcs set includes: #0,#1,#2,#3,#4,#6,#7,#8

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  • Oster Gear Lube

    Gear Lube grease is a tough, hard working lubricant specially designed to prolong the life of universal motor clippers Recommended use: Lubricate clipper head gear mechanism every six months for a...

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  • Oster Kool Lube 3 Spray

    Kool-Lube 3 lubricate is a quick, effective spray that provides instant cooling, lubrication and cleaning for all clipper blades. Reduces friction and blade wear without a heavy residue of oil. NET...

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  • Oster Octane Battery

    Lithium Ion Battery for your Oster Octane Clipper.  Made in Switzerland.  Color: Black 076559-100 NOTE:  This item cannot ship Express/Air shipping due to restrictions.   If this...

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  • Oster Octane Clipper

    For the super-savvy barber or stylist who needs a high-performance tool that keeps up with a demanding schedule. This cordless clipper uses a Li+ION rechargeable battery for longer cutting time...

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  • Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager

    Oster is in the process of discontinuing the Stim-U-Lax massager.  After they have built the last batch (in the near future) there will be no more.  This is your chance to own an iconic...

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