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Clipper Maintenance

  • Babyliss All In One Spray

    BaBylissPRO® All in One Clipper Spray gives you the benefit of five different functions in one formula. Apply to clippers, trimmers, and shears before, during or after use. The large 15.5 oz. aerosol can lasts a long time! Disinfects: Formulated to...

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  • Clipper Tool

    The Clipper tool is what you have been looking for to have an all in one tool for blade changes, opening cases and general maintenance.  Plus it has "The Clipper Tool" printed on the handle so you know if someone has "borrowed" YOUR...

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  • 1 Minute Blade Modifier

    From The Rich Barber line.  Now you can modify all your professional trimmer blades yourself with this easy to use tool. In 1-2 minutes you will turn a regular blade to a perfectly modified blade that will give you super sharp lines and closer...

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  • Clipper Cleaning Brush 2 Sided

    New! 2-sided clipper cleaning brush from Scalpmaster offers one side with 100% natural boar bristles, and the other with soft, white, synthetic bristles. 4-1/2" wooden handle with black rubberized finish.SC-9036

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  • Oster Blade Wash

    Oster Blade wash is a cleaner that is great on detachble blades and trimmer blades. Easily flushes away hair that becomes built up and trapped between upper and lower cutting blades. Apply Oster® Blade Wash prior to all other liquids.  Once you...

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  • H-42 Clipper Oil

    Clipper and trimmer blade oil from H-42.  8oz bottle (twice as large as most blade oils).  Will keep tools running faster, cooler and keep blades sharper longer.  Be sure to use a high quality blade oil such as H-42 and NOT any lubricants...

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  • Andis Towel - Special Buy!

    The Andis logo cotton towel.  Over 50% off original price! "Golf towel" size - 23"x15".   100% terry cloth, cotton. Both ends are hemmed with braided stitching to prevent unravelling and fraying. Black with gray Andis logo and with this...

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  • Razor Hone Double Sided

    The Razor and Clipper Blade Sharpening Hone from Vincent (VT1313).  Double sided - 1 side is 500 grit for rough grinding to return edges to original shape.   The other side is 800 grit for fine finishing, smoothing and polishing cutting edges...

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  • H-42 Spray 16 OZ

    Powerful, patented formula protects, lubricates, and deodorizes while killing bacteria and viruses. Use H-42 to clean your clippers without removing the blade. H-42's disinfectant action offers an easy way to protect you and your customers. Safe for all...

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