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  • Oster Combs

    Our combs are designed for clipper and scissor over comb techniques to cut with precision. Its ridge free, ultra-smooth surface allows clippers to glide across comb and achieve clean lines and perfect styling as a result. Durable resin material provides...

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  • Twist It Up Comb 4.0

    Twist It Up 4.0 comes with 3 switchable twist inserts for all hair lengths.Short, medium or long hair it doesn't matter. It is a comb for the entire family. Whether you just did the BIG CHOP or trying something new, Twist It Up 4.0 is perfect for anyone...

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  • Stylecraft Heat Stroke - Corded Beard Hot Brush

    The Heat Stroke corded hair and beard brush is perfect for hairs around the face like beards and mustaches or full hairstyles. Cool tip bristles for straightening and smoothing get close to the root without the risk of burning skin on the face, neck, or...

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  • Kosher Agave Lechuguilla Brush

    The KoSHER Plant Based Hair brush is a natural brush made from Agave Lechuguilla Plant Fibers, Bamboo Fibers and Massage Pin Bristles. The KoSHER hair brush revitalizes/repairs the scalp by removing top layer toxins & oil build up while unblocking...

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  • Detangling Brush by Cricket

    The Ultra Smooth™ Coconut Detangling Brush is ideal for detangling all hair types, wet or dry. A special blend of Coconut Oil and Keratin Protein, replace tangles with smooth, manageable hair and luxurious shine. Great for raking out clients hair...

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  • Diane Scalp Massage Brush

    Great for cleansing and massaging scalp. Use with your favorite shampoo to exfoliate and remove product build up. Soft silicone bristles help to stimulate folicles for healthy hair and growth.  Perfect size for the palm of your hand with knob for...

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  • Stylecraft Heat Stroke - Cordless Beard Hot Brush

    Heat Stroke is a wireless hot beard brush that lets you effectively tame, style, and straighten even the most unruly hair and beard. Stylecrafts hot beard brush helps you drastically cut the time you spend on hair and beard styling. Features: Cool...

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  • ABBS Gold Comb - Stainless Steel

    A great professional barber Comb, strong durable but lightweight, anti-static, and made of stainless steel (coated in a gold color). This comb has holes to reduce weight. Choose:  Styling comb or Handle/Rake Comb Styling Comb - 8" long, 1"...

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  • Kosher Wave Brush 2 w/ Handle

    KoSHER 2 Plant-Base Wave Brush Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly 100% PLANT-BASE Hair Wave Brush. Hand Crafted with Ash Hardwood for the body Bristles are made from Agave Lechuguilla Plant Fibers Revitalizes/repairs the scalp by removing top layer...

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  • ABBS Flattop Comb

    ABBS Flattop Combs are durable with the perfect give thank to it's synthetic rubber material. Manufactured by the Krest Comb company. Krest has been producing quality combs since 1958. Choose from 2 Different styles: The ABBS Handle Flattop Comb &...

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