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    Introducing The FXONE Collection!  One Battery. Unlimited Tools. The new FXONE system is a one-battery system compatible with all FXONE tools. Includes Tool, Battery & Charging Base. Features &...

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  • Gamma+ Cyborg Clipper

    The Gamma+ Cyborg Clipper is here!DIGITAL BRUSHLESS MOTOR The Cyborg Hair Clipper is designed with cutting-edge features to provide a superior grooming experience. Equipped with a DIGITAL BRUSHLESS MOTOR, this clipper ensures efficient power transfer for...

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    The NEW 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™ takes everything that barbers and stylists love about the 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip® and Cordless Detailer Li® and elevates in one premium kit offering. The NEW Cordless Barber Combo™ comes in...

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  • Feather Safety Razor Set

    Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor with Stainless Steel stand. This set is the Premier razor set. The quality - fit, finish and feel is unmatched by any razor we have found. Comes in a beautiful lacquered gift box with a stand and 5 pack of...

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  • Clipper & Accessories Master Rolling Case Black

    The New Rolling Master Case from Vincent is amazing.  If you are a highly mobile barber or stylist, or you need to be more mobile, this is the case for you.  First, we recognize it is a significant investment but it is truly the best case for...

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  • Andis Supra ZR II Cordless Clipper

    The standard in detachable blade, cordless clippers.  The Supra ZR II from Andis features a removable battery so you can keep cutting indefinitely!  Plus you can use all of your detachable blades with it.  Features: • Now...

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  • Feather Artist Club DX Razor Wood

    The FEATHER Artist Club DX Folding Wood Razor is the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razor that is made with the strictest pursuit of perfection in razor shaving. The body is made of SUS316 stainless steel which enables smooth shaving and resists...

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  • Oster Octane Clipper

    For the super-savvy barber or stylist who needs a high-performance tool that keeps up with a demanding schedule. This cordless clipper uses a Li+ION rechargeable battery for longer cutting time between charges. With more than twice the running time of a...

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  • Marvy Barber Pole #55

    An updated version of the original Marvy Barber Pole. Now in it's sixth decade of production, the model 55 remains an excellent choice for a mid-size pole. A true American classic and the best advertising bang for your buck! Pole measures: Height -...

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